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Version 3.0.0 released

20th January 2011

Today I released version 3.0.0 of Flint. The core architecture of Flint remains unchanged but a number of details have changed. In particular many APIs have changed, which is why the major version number has changed.

The driver for this change was switching the 3D libraries to use Flash’s native 3D geometry classes and the consequential dropping of support for Flash Player 9.

The main changes are

The full list of commit notes is on Github.

All examples on this site have been updated to the new version.

If you have existing Flint projects, some code from version 2.x.x will continue to work unaltered (this is more likely with 2D particle effects than 3D effects). Other code will require minor changes.

Get the new version from the source code page and let me know of any bugs or comments on the forum. If you want to contribute to the next version of Flint, fork the project on Github.

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