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Version 4.0.0 released

16th October 2011

Earlier this week I released version 4.0.0 of Flint. This release is to support the new crop of 3d engines that are using Stage3d for rendering. As part of this it was necessary to alter a couple of APIs, hence the major release number incrementing to 4. The core architecture of Flint remains unchanged.

New features

Big thank you to Michael Ivanov for his work on these new integrations.

Significant changes

Bugs fixed

The full list of commit notes is on Github.

All examples on this site have been updated to the new version. I also added a new example specifically for the 3d engines, using a textured sphere for each particle.

If you have existing Flint projects, most code from version 3.x.x will continue to work unaltered. Code that uses the ImageClass initializer or the Away3d or Papervision3d integration will require minor alterations as described above.

Get the new version from the source code page and let me know of any bugs or comments on the forum. If you want to contribute to the next version of Flint, fork the project on Github.

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