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    I have a few questions in regards to your your Brownian example. Unfortunately I am not a strong AS3 developer and there is a specific effect I need to create for a project and I think your Brownian example is what I am looking for to accomplish it.

    I'm not building it in class files as im not very familiar with them. I'm pretty much putting everything on a time line. Here is what I am looking to do.

    I have a button and upon ROLL_OVER I need this brownian effect to alpha in and alpha out on ROLL_OUT.

    In the example you have larger white circles bouncing off of the smaller ones. Is there a way to have a single one of those in a fixed position and to make it invisible? or is there a way to make a fixed invisible object that the particles react to?

    Or... can I add this particle effect to an empty movieClip to create the ROLL_OVER/OFF effect?

    If these questions were already answered in the forum can you point me the direction of their posts?

    Sorry for the noob questions and thanks in advance for the help.