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    • CommentAuthorchadp
    • CommentTimeSep 18th 2013
    I was hoping someone has already written their own PathZone or PathZone3D. If not, it should probably be a new feature. Using something like a polyline or bezier curve and then applying a radius to it (or better yet sweep it with a shape). It would be especially helpful for defining 3D zones or when you have a *maze* you need your particles to crawl through.

    If I want to attempt this on my own, I believe all I need to do is implement the Zone3D interface, which only has 3 methods:

    Does anybody have any suggestions for implementing the polyline/curves? Are there any popular libraries that you recommend to build off of?

    I think I could hack in polylines by myself, but by the time I got to curves I think my simple little class will have gotten quite messy.