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Source code

The source code for Flint is released under the MIT open-source license. The MIT license is a permissive license, allowing you to use Flint within your work provided you retain the license and copyright notice with the source code.

The source code for Flint is available through two sources.


The latest version of Flint is available from the downloads section on the GitHub repository as four separate downloads.

Downloads of earlier versions are available in the Github downloads.


Flint is not longer actively developed but the source and history is still available on Github – check-out the GitHub repository.

The various examples in the examples section of this site are also available on GitHub.


If you wish to continue to develop the Flint project your best option is to fork the project on GitHub. Please note that any items added to the master repository will be made available to all under the MIT licence to provide consistent licensing across the project. Your name will appear in the source code as the developer of the feature you contribute.

Flint on Haxe

Flint has been ported to Haxe + NME. The project is at